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About Knowledge Services

NAL Knowledge Services staff includes subject matter informatics experts with deep knowledge of scientific domains to facilitate collaboration between the research and library communities and technical experts experienced in the design and implementation of data services and products at both the prototype and enterprise scale.   KSD staff works within and across scientific domains to evaluate and develop new opportunities in data acquisition, curation, and preservation with the goal of providing long-term public access to scientific results. NAL maintains both general purpose and domain specific scientific data repositories and workspaces and provides a host of data curation services to support access and long-term preservation. NAL Knowledge Services include data management policy and planning, repository management, data and metadata curation, and preservation. Current domain and related informatics expertise includes, biological sciences, geospatial and biophysical sciences, genomics, federal open data policy, and life cycle assessment.

The vision for Knowledge Services at NAL is an integrated portfolio of products and services, which support ARS and external agricultural research communities.  This portfolio builds FAIR data management capacity on top of the strong foundations of NAL’s library services, including: cataloging, indexing, metadata, reference, and information services.  By integrating KSD services into the broader library expertise in effect makes Knowledge Services another of the many ways NAL serves the agricultural community.