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What are Knowledge Services?

Knowledge Services at NAL encompass a range of activities related to the management, curation, and preservation of scientific data. The library's Knowledge Services team works to provide access, archiving, and preservation services for scientific research data, which includes value added curation services (data quality assurance and quality control, transformation, and visualization). 

In addition to the projects focused on specific use cases for data management, library staff are working to develop a robust data curation infrastructure to guide future development of scientific data management and preservation activities at NAL.

 The table below outlines some of the software tools, technical skills, and research domains with which NAL's knowledge services team already has familiarity.

Technical Capacities Research Domains Software Tools
Data Management Genomics Drupal
Preservation Life-cycle assessment DKAN
Metadata Earth Sciences Python
Search and Indexing Agroecosystems OpenLCA
User-centered Design Phytochemistry GIS software
Geospatial development Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST)

Appraisals and Dispositions

Appraisal processes are part of library workflows and apply to projects and services managed by KSD. KSD may determine that an individual project no longer fits within the scope of the division’s activities and decide to transfer, donate, or destroy collections or digital data products under its control. Succession plans exist for individual KSD projects and outline specific plans for systems and data that no longer fit the division’s mission.

Collaborations within USDA and Beyond

KSD has successfully collaborated with both within ARS and USDA as well as externally, with university researchers in the United States and around the world. We are seeking new collaborations that fit our scope and mission. If you are interested in talking about your project idea or discussing a possible collaboration, please send an email to