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Agricultural Law

Supports the dissemination of agricultural and food law information to consumers, researchers, and legal professionals. Agricultural law is defined broadly to include Land-Based Agriculture; Aquaculture; Energy Issue; and Food and Fiber Production and Systems.

Animals and Livestock

Provides information on animals used for agricultural and research purposes.  Topics include: Alternative Livestock; Animal Research and Animal Use Alternatives; Animal Health; Beef Cattle; Dairy Cattle; Horses; Entomology; and Poultry.

Education and Outreach

Contains educational resources and services related to agriculture. Topics include: Agricultural Education; Educational Resources for Children, Parents, and Teachers; and Vocational Education and Job Training.

Farms and Farming Systems

Collects resources on various aspects of farming including Beginner Farmers; Sustainable Agriculture; Aquaculture; and Veterans and Agriculture.

Food and Human Nutrition

Offers resources on a range of nutrition topics including Dietary Guidelines; Lifecycle Nutrition; Diet and Health; Surveys, Reports and Research; and Food Safety Issues.

Invasive Species

Explore content including Species Profiles, Resources by Location and Subject, Emerging Issues, and more. An invasive species is defined as an alien species whose introduction does or is likely to cause environmental or economic harm or harm to human health.

Marketing and Trade

Presents information on various aspects of marketing and trade. Topics covered are Agricultural Subsidies; Distribution, Imports, and Exports; Economics and Agricultural Statistics; Marketing Strategies, Consumer Behavior and Trade; and Trade Policy.

Natural Resources and Environment

Offers links to resources on agricultural topics as they relate to natural resources and the environment. Topics include Weather; Energy; Water Resources; and Sustainable Agriculture.

Plants and Crops

Provides links to sources on plants and crops. Topics include Agricultural Biotechnology; Plant Genetics and Plant Breeding; Commercial Horticulture, Home Gardening; Plant Diseases and Disorders, Plant Pests and Weeds.

Research and Technology

Focuses on subject areas: Bioenergy and Biofuels; Biotechnology; Production Technology and Agricultural Engineering; and USDA National Program Areas.

Rural Development

Links to resources on Community Development; Rural America Collections; Opioid Misuse; Environmental Justice Collection; Rural Funding Resources; and Sustainable Rural Communities.