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Vegetable Gardening

Grow Veggies at Home

Plant what your family enjoys cooking and eating!

Learn about vegetable gardening through NAL collection items and selected external links to information.

A quote from the 1918, Farmers' Bulletin 934, Home Gardening in the South []: A well-kept vegetable garden is a source not only of profit to the gardener but of pleasure to the entire family.


Gardening Guides

Easy Gardening

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

These gardening factsheets help homeowners plan a garden and grow vegetables. Available in English and Espanol.

Starting Seeds Indoors

University of Minnesota Extension

This guide to starting garden plants from seeds indoors covers planning, planting and growing seeds, and moving seedlings outdoors.

Gardening at Home

Cornell University

Growing guides offer detailed descriptions and growing instructions, site and soil requirements, varieties, and more.

Gardening History and Heirlooms

Remember that special plant from your grandparents' garden that you wish you could grow now? Those heirloom fruits and vegetables were valued, saved and passed down through generations.

Plan a Garden

Learn about starting a garden, container gardening, and companion planting.

Start a Garden

yellow pepper

The basics of starting or planting a vegetable garden can be achieved in six simple steps: Planning; site selection; soil preparation; planting your seeds; maintaining your garden; and harvesting.

Identify nutrition education curricula [] for elementary students including School Garden Center Curriculum Resources.

Ask an Extension Service Agent [] about veggie gardening!

Container Gardening

blue planting container

Window sills, kitchens [], patios, balconies, wall gardens, and doorsteps can be ideal for vegetable container gardening. Containers provide a way to grow food and add color to smaller spaces. Learn everything you’ll need to create Successful Container Gardens [] and harvest your bounty before you know it!

The Library of Congress' minibibliography on container gardening provides access to titles in braille and audio. []

Companion Planting

pumpkin corn pepper

Companion planting takes advantage of the natural "relationships" between different vegetable crops and other plants. Utilizing companion planting in the garden improves productivity and also helps to deter harmful pests. Combination planting also aids in weed suppression and attracts beneficial insects and pollinators. []

Which plants and vegetables are companions? Check the Friend or Foe Companion Planting Chart [].


Books on Vegetable Gardening

Contact your local library to borrow books.

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