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The University will undertake the program's goal of increasing the number of graduates with the necessary technical skills for entry-level positions in the food and agricultural sciences and related fields.The recruitment goal is thirty-nine (39) new students for the duration of th eprogram, enrolling into one of the four academic options and concentrations, begining in the fall 2020 semester. The target prospective student population includes new freshmen and transfer students. Selected students will be awarded a full or partial scholarship (1890 Scholars), based on a competitive selection process. Scholars will participate in experiential learning activities as well as off-campus summer internships by their junior year. The ultimate goal of these activities is to ensure that all scholars have a career placement opportunity and can ultimately make significant impacts in the agricultural industry.Mentoring of scholars will be available through different avenues, including direct support from the Academic Program Coordinators (APC), and faculty members involved with academic and experiential learning activities. An evaluation plan to measure the expected target outcomes and progress of this program will be in place. All data generated for this program will be collected and maintained by the Institutional Research Office. The APCs will ensure that the embedded experiential learning activities are adequate and congruent with the goals of the 1890 Scholarship Program. Both class instructors and APCs will assess the completion and grade of the experiential learning activities upon completion by the students. Finally, during their first year, scholars will be encouraged to use services provided by the First Year Academic Advising Center (FYAAC) to assist them in setting academic goals, developing educational plans and selecting courses. The Center, which is available all year round, will further assist scholars to better achieve their academic goals and succeed on their path, provide advice for accurate course selection, identify student resources, and educate them about university policies and procedures.

Toledo, J. U.
West Virginia State University
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