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Adding value to oysters through the utilization of electrolyzed water as a post-harvest processing technique


The overall goal of this research program is to add value to raw or undercooked oysters by preventing incidences of foodborne illness when they are consumed by humans.Objectives of the proposed research are: Determine the antimicrobial effects of sequential application of alkaline electrolyzed water and acidic electrolyzed water on Vibrio vulnificus and V. parahaemolyticus in natural microflora of oystersObtain information regarding the survivability and quality of oysters after sequential treatment with alkaline electrolyzed water and acidic electrolyzed waterCharacterize the physicochemical and/or microbiological properties of alkaline electrolyzed water and acidic electrolyzed water before, during, and after treatment of oysters and during storage of electrolyzed water

Chouljenko, Alexander
North Carolina State University
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