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ADMS-STAR Development: A Short Range Emergency Response Atmospheric Dispersion Model


The Agency currently uses the R91STAR model to help determine its response to accidents. R91STAR predicts atmospheric dispersion and is a first generation model, which requires staff to be specifically trained in its use. The project will develop the commercially available ADMS model for use in predicting accidental releases. ADMS is a second generation system, which explicitly models the physical characteristics of the atmosphere. The model has many enhanced features compared to R91STAR and is used in several parts of the Agency.

More information

The project will combine the accidental data and output features of R91STAR with the software coding of the ADMS model. A sensitivity comparison between the two models will be included in the work, along with the production of a users guide.
It is anticipated that this project will produce a standard accidental release model for replacement of the R91STAR model. The advanced features and flexibility of the ADMS model is such that it is envisaged that further development may be possible to increase the functionality of the new ADMS-STAR model beyond that currently available to the Agency.
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Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants, Ltd
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