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Advanced Technologies for the Analysis of Contaminants in Meat, Poultry, and Eggs


Apply new instrumentation, and new physical and chemical techniques to reduce the use of organic solvents to meet action agency needs for safe, more rapid and cost effective agricultural and veterinary drug residue monitoring programs for meat, poultry, and eggs.

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Apply state-of-the-art solvent-sparing techniques for the determination of multiple residues of veterinary drugs, agricultural chemicals and accidental contaminants in meat, poultry and eggs. For example, supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) and aqueous on-line microdialysis isolation techniques will be used to reduce hazardous halogen-containing solvent waste. SFE analyte isolation will be used alone or in combination with in-line and off-line sorbent analyte collection to facilitate extract cleanup prior to chromatographic analysis. To minimize extract cleanup and increase sensitivity, HPLC's and GC's with specialized detectors and derivatization techniques will be employed. The results obtained by these methods of extraction and analysis will be compared to those obtained by techniques currently in use.

Pensabene, John
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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