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Alliance for Food Security through Reduction of Postharvest Loss and Food Waste


This project aims to reduce postharvest losses and food waste of durable crops (grains, oilseeds, legumes, root crops, seeds) and their processed value-added products in Feed the Future countries. It is a large multi-institution project headed by Kansas State University and the University of Illinois. This proposal for a 5-year $5 million leader award has the potential for attracting as much as $20 million in Associate Awards from US-AID Missions in Feed the Future countries. The Alliance consists of the leading U.S. and international institutions, organizations, and experts in postharvest grain food safety and quality, stored product preservation and protection, and processing of value-added products. Most of the objectives of this proposal will focus on assessment and building of research teams to pursue additional funding from associate awards, but there are some specific pilot research projects within this broader proposal that will be undertaken immediately. One of these projects will focus on improving stored-product pest management in grain storage warehouses in Ghana and will involve ARS scientists and scientists from Oklahoma State University, University of Kentucky, and Fort Valley State University. The specific ARS research objectives are to develop stored-product insect pest monitoring programs in these warehouses, insecticide-treated packaging to reduce insect infestation, and a low cost moisture meter to better monitor grain condition to reduce insect infestation and aflatoxins. The final objectives will be to collaborate on the implementation of these tactics and tools.

Campbell, Bruce
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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