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Amino-Acid Catabolism in Campylobacter Jejuni: Biochemical Analysis and Identification of Pathways Essential forCcolonisation


Campylobacter jejuni cannot catabolise sugars and must rely on other carbon sources for growth in vivo. We recently obtained evidence that amino-acid catabolism is crucial, as mutants unable to convert L-serine to pyruvate and ammonia via an oxygen-labile serine dehydratase are unable to colonise the avian gut.<P>
In this project we will (i) undertake a comprehensive analysis of catabolic pathways for asparate, asparagine, glutamate, glutamine and proline in wild-type and mutants cells in vitro, using a combination of transport assays, enzyme characterisation and NMR-analysis (ii) determine which of these pathways are important in vivo, by chicken colonisation studies with defined mutants. The results could underpin novel intervention strategies aimed at limiting the growth of C.jejuni in poultry by preventing catabolism of specific amino-acids. (Joint with BBS/B/07667)

Institute for Animal Health
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