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Anti-Listeria Action of Levulinate


This study validated the use of levulinate as an antilisterial additive compared industry standards of sodium lactate and sodium lactate/diacetate mixture for ready-to-eat meat products, specifically: 1) evaluate the extent to which sodium levulinate inhibits growth of Listeria monocytogenes; 2) establish the impact of sodium levulinate on the sensory acceptability in meat products.

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During the 84 day storage at 2˚C for vacuum packaged slices of turkey roll and bologna, sodium levulinate and the mixture of sodium lactate/diacetate met FSIS expectations for an antimicrobial additives in both bologna and turkey roll. Sodium lactate met antimicrobial expectations only in bologna, but not in the turkey roll. The additions of sodium lactate, sodium lactate/diacetate, or sodium levulinate were not detrimental to the sensory acceptability of turkey roll or bologna.
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Levulinate can be used in meat products as an antilisterial additive without any negative sensory attributes to consumers.

Carpenter, Charles; Broadbent, Jeffery
Utah State University
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