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Assessment and Mitigation of Contamination Risks: Critical Knowledge to Reduce Diseases and Increase Biosecurity Compliance


1. Determine the level of contamination after biosecurity breaches at barn entrances and evaluation of sanitation procedures to mitigate them. <p/>
2. Determine how pathogen loads are affected by current barn sanitation procedures recommended by the poultry industry.

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Expected Benefits <br/>
This research will analyze the current set of requirements for the poultry industry and determine their value in terms of biosecurity. The results will look to inform what future measures will enable industry to reduce exposure to foodborne pathogens, Salmonella sp. for example, which may carry over into the human population. This research also aims to reduce the use of antimicrobials, which in turn should lead to a reduction in antimicrobial resistance. This will also be the first time that such scientific data will be obtained under normal Ontario poultry industry conditions, and will have a significant impact on training programs and future industry recommendations.

Vaillancourt, Jean-Pierre
University of Montreal
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