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Assessment Of Resistance To Colicinogenic Synthetic Phage Antimicrobial System


The unifying goal of this proposal is to lessen the burden of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) using a holistic framework. My research goal is to develop a synthetic-phage-based antimicrobial that is more specific and less suspectable to resistance than traditional broad-spectrum antibiotics. My learning module goal is to create a learning resource promoting AMR stewardship by providing the foundation knowledge required to appreciate the severity of the problem and demonstrate how cutting-edge biotechnology can be used to mitigate to solve it.My research objectives are the following:Engineer a synthetic T7 phage that co-expresses colicin-E1 and colicin-M (T7cea,cma)Determine the impact of additional hurdles on mutation rateCompare the resistance genes associated with the triple-, double-, and single-hurdle antimicrobials.My education objectivesare the following:Establish an AMR case study learning module for secondary education with the intention of increasing scientific literacy of AMR and demonstrating how biotechnology can be used to mitigate it.

Mcgillin, Meghan
Cornell University
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