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Comparative Toxicity of Fumonisin B1 in Rat Strains


The administration of fumonisin B1 to F344/N/NCTR Br rats resulted in renal tumors at two years, and no liver lesions. Administration of fumonisin B1 in South Africa to BD IX resulted in liver tumors in two years, and formation of hepatocellular foci in F344 rats in six months.
The goals of this project are: <ol> <li>To prepare diets containing fumonisin B1.
<li>To feed male F344/N/NCTR BR, F344, and SD rats the diet for up to six months.
<li>To send the same diets to South Africa where BD IX and F344 rats will be fed the diets.
<li>The formation of hepatocellular preneoplastic altered enzyme foci, hepatocellular morphology, and hepatocellular enzyme changes will be compared to determine why the different strains gave different carcinogenesis endpoints.</ol>

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FY 2000 Accomplishments: Not Applicable.
FY 2001 Plans: Prepare protocol and initiate studies.

Howard, Paul
DHHS/FDA - National Center for Toxicological Research
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