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Control of Viral and Bacteriological Pathogens in Seafood


This project will develop methodology to assess the presence and fate of natural and pollution-borne pathogens in seafood and provides information for risk assessment.Indicator bacteria may not accurately reflect the presence of enteric viruses (Hepatitis A or Norwalk-like viruses) in shellfish or its growing waters. This project will evaluate whether alternative microorganisms (e.g. bacteriophages) better predict the hazards from human fecal pollution.Bacteria of the genus Vibrio occur naturally in estuarine waters, and frequently are found in seafoods harvested from those waters. Some species of Vibrio are pathogenic for humans; one species V. vulnificus is the leading cause of seafood-related deaths.

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Development of better methods to detect and enumerate seafood pathogens and determination of critical temperature limits to be used in intervention strategies.

Hoskin, George
DHHS/FDA - Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition
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