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Csr: Small: Collaborative Research: Tool Support For Producing High Assurance And Reliable Software For Wireless Sensor Actor Networks


<p>Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have been mainly used for data collection purposes, and have not been employed in the context of any consistency- or safety-critical applications. As such software development for WSNs has been done mostly on a best-effort basis. However, as WSNs get more integrated with actuation capabilities, the resulting wireless sensor actor networks (WSANs) require more assurance and survivability guarantees. The goal of this project is to design and implement the tool-support necessary for achieving assurance and reliability of WSANs software. The project will produce a transformation tool that allows programs for WSANs to be written in high-level models traditionally used to describe abstract distributed programs and automatically transforms these abstract programs, while preserving their correctness and reliability properties, into programs deployed in WSANs. The project will also develop a synthesis tool that manipulates the given abstract distributed programs for the automated addition of desired level of fault-tolerance. Finally, the project will design a framework that guards against the corruption of the auxiliary state introduced at the concrete system to ensure that the deployed program is verifiably reliable. This project will simplify the development of high assurance WSANs software, and has the potential to pave the way to high assurance cyber-physical systems development. The project will integrate research and education through coursework development, building and dissemination of systems software, and outreach to the wider community.</p>

Kulkarni, Sandeep S
Michigan State University
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