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Depletion of the Antiparasiticide Fenbendazole in Turkeys


Prevention of violative drug residues in livestock and poultry destined for the human food chain is a major public health concern. Fenbendazole is an important antiparasiticide used to treat roundworms in turkeys, yet it is not approved for use in this species in Canada. Therefore, its use is considered extra-label with no established withdrawal period by regulatory agencies. We propose to conduct a drug depletion study with fenbendazole in turkeys to provide veterinarians with the necessary data to provide a more rational drug withdrawal period. We will follow guideline recommendations of Health Canada and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the conduct of a drug depletion study for the establishment of a withdrawal period. The results of this study will provide veterinarians and producers with an evidence-based precise withdrawal period that is anticipated will be shorter than currently recommended by CgFARAD, thereby facilitating production timelines while maintaining food safety.

Johnson, Ron
University of Guelph
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