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Desk study to review current evidence and outline work streams to support the development of a policy for smoked skin on sheep meat


<p>"This study aims to review current evidence and outline work-streams to support the development of a policy for smoked, skin-on sheep meat. The approach included: A systematic review on the safety of smoked, skin-on meat from sheep, compared to conventionally produced skin-off carcasses; and A critical review on the smoked, skin-on sheep meat production. This part included the identification of relevant public health hazards associated with this production and also possible effects that this process could have on these hazards. Also, other relevant aspects for delivering a safe and hygienic process for the production of smoked, skin-on sheep meat were identified and considered such as official controls and animal welfare implications. Furthermore, the results of this report have highlighted areas of research that need to be addressed before making a case to legalise the production of smoked, skin-on sheep meat in the UK and EU. A survey of slaughterhouse operators’ attitudes towards the legalisation of skin-on sheep meat production, but also through the information obtained from consumers of this product from Nigeria The update of Hybu Cig Cymru’s “Appraisal of the Opportunities in the Skin on Sheep Meat Market for Wales”, based on the findings of the critical review."</p>

University of Liverpool
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