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Development and Evaluation of Effective Intervention Strategies to Reduce the Occurrence of Shigatoxigenic Escherichia coli and their Biofilms in the Food Industry


This study will evaluate the effectiveness of alternate intervention strategies to reduce the occurrence of STEC and their biofilms in the food industry. These alternatives will include bacteriophages, phage-enzymes, organic-approved and plant-derived antimicrobials that would be evaluated on fresh produce, food-contact surfaces (stainless steel and high-density-polyethylene), farm-environment surfaces, meat surface, and ground beef.Specific objectives of the proposed project are:Efficacy of chemical antimicrobials and bacteriophages in reducing STEC and their biofilms on food-contact surfaces.Extraction and evaluation of phage depolymerase enzyme against STEC biofilms.Reduction of biofilm-forming STEC on fresh produce using chemical and biocontrol agents.Evaluation of chemical and biocontrol agents against STEC and their biofilms in meat and meat products.

Jaroni, Divya
Oklahoma State University
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