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Development & Application of Geographical Information System (GIS) and Spatio-Temporal Methods in Epidemiology of Foodborne Bacterial Zoonoses


<OL> <LI> The development of a GIS competence catalogue for WP partner institutions in relation to zoonotic pathogens and diseases
<LI> Building up GIS capacity, including training and provision of technical assistance
<LI> Undertaking a pilot study using available existing data.

More information

A survey of available skills and expertise indicated that the potential benefits of using GIS in zoonosis-epidemiology are significant, though its actual use has been limited to date. To improve this situation, a training course has been organised, for May 2007 in Copenhagen, with funding from the Med-Vet-Net training programme. <P>

A pilot research project was designed and is in progress. The project has generated an Internet-atlas of salmonellosis in Europe including a series of maps showing the incidence of laboratory-confirmed human cases by region and year for the 10 most common serotypes. This work has been dependant on national surveillance data and involves extensive and successful collaboration with the EnterNet network.


Statens Serum Institut (SSI)
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