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Development of Multiresidue Methods to Determine and Confirm Sulfonamides in Edible Tissues of Aquacultured Species


To develop analytical chemical methods to determine and confirm sulfonamide (SA) residues at the 1-10 ng/g level in edible tissues of aquacultured species. Technologies used will include liquid chromatography (LC) with post column derivatization and fluorescence detection for the determinative procedure and liquid chromatography with atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass spectrometry LC-APCI/MS for the confirmatory procedure.

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FY 2000 Accomplishments: The inter-laboratory methods trial portion of this study was assigned to P00415.
<p>FY 2001 Plans: 1) The certification of ranges for the inter-laboratory trial will be completed as required. 2) The final report for the methods trial will be prepared if the collaborative studies are completed this year.

Gehring, Theresa
DHHS/FDA - National Center for Toxicological Research
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