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Development of Rapid, Non-Destructive Hyperspectral Imaging Methodology to Detect, and Quantify Fungal Growth and Aflatoxin Contamination


<p>Identify and quantify corn kernels contaminated with aflatoxin-producing fungi, using non-destructive visible/near infrared (VIS/NIR) and shortwave near infrared (SWIR) hyperspectral imaging systems for elimination from food supply. Produce spectral libraries for fungus alone and corn kernels infected with the fungus. Determine spectral differences between resistant and susceptible corn varieties to aflatoxin contamination and infected and uninfected corn kernels with aflatoxin producing fungi. Develop rapid, non-destructive hyperspectral imaging methodology to measure fungal growth and aflatoxins and spectral signatures associated with traits for resistance to fungal infection and aflatoxin contamination in corn kernels. Test system's effectiveness in identification of contaminated kernels under laboratory and field situations.</p>

Rajasekaran, Kanniah
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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