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A durable, potent, and rechargeable antimicrobial polymer for modular conveyor belts.


Upon completion of the overarching three-phase project, we will have achieved an effective antimicrobial conveyor product that will have broad-reaching societal impacts as follows:A food supply that is safer and lasts longer prior to spoilage.Improved quality and productivity of our domestic food processors means expansion improved food security and expansion opportunities for our exports.Better utilization of natural resources such as water and energy will help processors attain sustainability.Our advanced manufacturing systems will elevate the technological capabilities and employment opportunities for rural ag-based states such as South Dakota.For the phase I study, our logic model flow intends to proceed by transforming planned work (resources and activities) into outputs including an optimized recipe for synthesis, performance data on function, and performance data on durability.The resulting outcomes will subsequently include changes in our knowledge in producing a highly-effective technology, and a verification that the technology has usefulness in the target application (conveyor belts).An additional outcome will be a change in action, as outputs (cost, manufacturing risks) drive our product development planning for phase II based on key improvement needsidentified.Finally, the phase I project will provide an impact to the local region by employing 2-3 scientists for the duration of the project.

Bertsch, G.
Antimicrobial Materials, INC.
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