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Based on Giner's successful prior Phase I/II projects, this Phase III's target is to achieve rapid Bac-MOX™ technological advancements to optimize the system for adoption by small/mid-size meat and poultry processing industry players (i.e., independent business owners, entrepreneurs, producers). The goal is to advance the technology to a stage where it can be evaluated by end-users (small mid-size meat and poultry processors). The technical work plan for this project is as follows:Task 1 Refine Bac-MOX™ Process Parameters. This task will focus on the design of Bac-MOX™ as an easy-to-use modular system, requiring minimal assembly that would enable low-cost fabrication. All components can easily be scaled up or down depending on the quantity of oxidants needed for decontamination and can be designed in a variety of form factors.Task 2 Fabrication and Validation of Bac-MOX Prototypes. Following the completion of Task 1, α-prototype versions will be fabricated at Giner's facilities. These prototype systems will be evaluated first under laboratory conditions to quantify the levels of MOX produced as a function of key process conditions to ultimately develop appropriate protocols for end users, then be tested with partners at the Vermont Packinghouse for field testing on six hogs for this initial study. Additionally, samples will be analyzed for microbial contamination to understand the efficacy of the disinfection.Task 3 Modification of Design and Manufacturing Plans. After successfully completing initial field testing, all performance data and input from end users will be revised as needed to meet their needs. This could include modifying the user interface, form factor, materials, etc. then another round of field testing would be employed with another set of hogs and a set of cows. Giner will cooperate with the Larta Institute to assess the market needs and implement a "roadmap" to address the needs for market validation and reaching out to experts and potential end users.Task 4 Commercialization Efforts. This task will focus on commercialization efforts including market analysis, review of competitive technologies, expert interviews for market validation, reviewing the patent landscape, and reaching out to experts and potential end users.Task 5 Perform Bac-MOXTM Techno-Economic Analysis. The goal of this task is to develop and present a detailed estimate of the costs model for the proposed technology and compare the economic benefits with those of competing technologies.

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