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Enhancing Seafood Safety and Quality


Provide on-going public education programs that reach Delaware and Mid-Atlantic seafood industry personnel and educators, including health and nutrition educators, with objective, research-based information on seafood quality, nutrition, handling, and safety. Inform the public about the Federal and state seafood safety regulations, including the mandatory FDA seafood HACCP program, the GMP's, SSOP's, and the Food Code.

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This project will provide educational programs to assist in training the industry and educators, including health and nutrition educators, in SSOP development and implementation. This will include development of a video in writing SSOP, in-service training programs, and development of educational literature.The video will be based upon a manual and course on Sanitation Control Procedures for Processing Fish and Fishery Products developed by the National Seafood HACCP Alliance for education and training. This course is currently being pilot tested with industry, regulators, and future trainers.

Daniels, William
Delaware State College
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