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Overall Goal: To strengthen knowledge sharing and collaboration among SE university faculty and students, industry, and stakeholders to identify opportunities in AI that will advance agriculture and closing the loop in sustainability in the Southeast.Specific objectives:1) Bring agriculture researchers, industry, representatives from stakeholder groups and funding agencies together to build collaboration by exploring recent developments in AI and automation and explore how they can be used to solve emerging challenges in agricultural production and food systems.2) Identify the AI-driven innovations needed to meet the current and futures challenges so Agriculture can remain competitive and profitable while protecting the environment. The barriers to implement these potential innovations will be also identified.3) Increase knowledge of current agriculture-focused teaching in AI-related initiatives across SE universities and strengthen teaching curriculum.4) Increase knowledge and skills among graduate students and faculty of the emerging AI-techniques available for research and extension.5) Teams formed to develop AI-related projects addressing the needs and opportunities in SE agriculture.6) Identify action plans and barriers for developing AI-driven solutions and adapting AI technology in farm and ranch management systems.7) Identify the skills, among farmers, consultants, and extension agents, necessary to manage the farm of the future.8) Strength collaboration among SE university, industry, and stakeholder groups to develop the next generation of AI-driven technologies that will support SE agriculture.9) Gather information to update funding agencies, university administrators, members of National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NAEM), and industry on the areas that are needed to advance on the current and future challenges of SE agriculture. Information will also be provided on the funding as well as the personnel and facilities infrastructure needed to advance innovation across SE universities. After the conference, it will be possible to provide funding agencies with a list of experts and their AI related knowledge areas that could potentially serve on review panels, ad hoc groups, and advisory teams.

Ortiz, B.
Auburn University
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