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Epidemiologic Studies on Infectious and Non-Infectious Conditions


The goals of these projects are to carry out epidemiologic studies on infectious and non-infectious conditions in animals and the environment for the purpose of promoting health and sustaining economic viability. These studies will be carried out within the context of my interests in production medicine, infectious and non-infectious diseases, quantitative epidemiology, food safety, veterinary public health, and risk analysis. Examples that reflect the breadth and nature of activities that I embrace include training grant in molecular epidemiology, risk assessment of Cryptosporidium parvum in watersheds, epidemiology of equine motor neuron disease, and pre-harvest food safety (listeriosis and toxoplasmosis).

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<p>NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY:<br/> We are proposing a novel and interdisciplinary research program in public health. The program will focus on scientific approaches to zoonotic disease control and critical result-driven prevention. Through this research we hope to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to develop cost effective interventions to promote health.
<p>APPROACH:<br/> These studies will be carried out using epidemiologic and molecular approaches. The epidemiologic approaches will focus on collecting data on putative risk factors that are associated with or promote the perpetuation of these conditions in the targeted populations. Uni- and multivariate statistical methods will be used to develop correct inferences from the collected data. The diagnostic methods will include such techniques as serologic, PCR, and biochemical analyses.

Mohammed, Hussni
Cornell University
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