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Evaluation of Management Tools for Fhb and Don in Multiple Wheat Classes and Barley in North Dakota


<p>Project 1: Integrated Management Coordinated Project, ND: Look at the role host resistance and a post-anthesis fungicide application (Feekes 10.51 + 4-5 days) serve in reducing FHB and DON levels in multiple market classes of wheat and spring barley.</p><p>Project 2: Uniform Fungicide Trials in ND: Provide the necessary information on efficacy of recently labeled chemicals and form a comparison against the best available options.</p>

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<p>Project 1: By performing experiments at multiple locations and multiple grain classes in ND, and by using multiple varieties with different levels of resistance at each location, we expect epidemics of different intensities to develop. We will be able to determine the degree to which genotype resistance and fungicide application interact to reduce FHB and DON across locations and grain classes, under both natural infection and artificial inoculation.</p><p> Project 2: The effect of fungicides on Fusarium head blight (FHB) and deoxynivalenol (DON) levels will be evaluated across multiple locations and small grain classes. Plots will be harvested to determine yield, and grain samples from each plot will be evaluated for percentage Fusarium-damaged kernels. Grain samples from each plot will be sent for DON analysis. Results will be reported to the USWBSI coordinator of the Uniform fungicide studies, as well as reported to ND producers.</p>

Costa, Jose
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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