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Evaluation of a PCR Assay for PRRS Virus in Saliva


<p>Aims and objectives:</p>
<ul><li>To investigate the potential of porcine oral fluid samples as a means of diagnosing and monitoring infection with PRRSv in UK pigs. </li></ul>

<p>The project aimed to address the following aspects of oral fluid diagnostics in UK pigs:</p>

<ul><li>Optimal methods of rope presentation, sample collection and handling</li>
<li>Some assessment of pig responses to the rope; factors affecting interactions with the rope, some idea of the proportion of pigs contributing to the sample</li>
<li>Optimisation of the technique for PRRSv RNA detection</li>
<li>Identification of problems encountered, to inform further research in this field. </li></ul>

Veterinary Laboratories Agency, UK
Newcastle University
Start date
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