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FERN Level-One Validation Study of a Mobile, Field-Rugged Rapid Detection and Enumeration System for Salmonella in Foods


<p>Conduct a Food Emergency Response Network (FERN) level-one validation for LITMUS Rapid Identification of Bacterial Pathogens (RAPID-B) screening of viable pathogens in food. This technology originated in the NCTR Division of Systems Biology. The proposed work involves collaborative validation of the LITMUS RAPID-B system as a mobile, field-rugged instrumental and chemical assay for detection and enumeration of viable pathogens in food. This validation is designed to qualify the system for rapid screening of bacteria-contaminated food in FDA's Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) laboratories and mobile field response units, especially the FDA FERN network. The first validation exercise will be conducted by ORA's Arkansas Regional Laboratory. Pending successful completion of the Level-1 validation, the study will be expanded to include the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, OARSA.</p>

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Responsible Division: Systems Biology <br>
Collaborating Division(s): Microbiology <br>
Collaborating FDA Center(s): ORA

Buzatu, Dan
DHHS/FDA - National Center for Toxicological Research
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