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Food Allergens - Providing Guidance for Compliance and Resolving Analytical Challenges


<p>The publication of food allergen reference doses and the resultant ability to calculate action levels to aid decisions on the need to apply precautionary ("may contain") labelling to food products is an eagerly anticipated development in food allergen management. Although guidance states that food businesses should not rely solely on results of allergen testing to make this decision, analysis remains an integral part of allergen management. It is important therefore that food businesses have confidence in the results of allergen tests. This project will provide information to engender confidence in analytical results to aid with decisions based on food allergen action levels. In addition, in 2014 the food information regulation will supersede current allergen labelling legislation. One of the fundamental changes is the introduction of the requirement to provide information on the allergen content of foods sold loose and in catering situations. This project will also support catering establishments by providing guidance and training on management of food allergens.</p>

Arrowsmith, Helen
Campden BRI
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