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Improved Aflatoxin Management in Corn Through Afla-Guard and the Effects of Late Season Fungicides and Alfa-Guard on Aflatoxin Contamin.


<ol><li>Evaluate strobulurins, triazoles, and combinations of fungicides for their activity against Aspergillus flavus and their effect on aflatoxin production.</li><li>Determine optimum rate and timeing of application of Afla-Guard.</li><li> Fungicide and Afla-Guard interations.</li>

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<p>Evaluate the efficacy of Afla-Guard in at least five Mississippi Delta field sites, at three application rates and several application times, on side-by-side irrigated and non-irrigated corn. In laboratory and field trials the effect of fungicides on A. flavus will be measured.</p>

Abbas, H. K.
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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