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Insitu Remediation of Contaminted Soils and Wetlands


<p>The objective of this project is to install a large scale demonstration area in a watershed to test the feasibility of using biosolids/wood ash amendments to revegetate severely sloping metal effected soils.</p>

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<p>Existing technologies for remediation of metal effected soils generally involve removal and replacement. A new application technology, under license at the U of WA, that can potentially be used at a range of sites, including wetlands, will be used in the investigation.</p>

<p>ECL,in cooperation with the U of Washington, US EPA, and the Northwest Biosolids Management Association, will install a large scale field demonstration area on soils that have become contaminated with heavy metals as a result of mining and smelting activities. Metal contamination, in combination with severely acidic soils, has resulted in the death of existing vegetation. Without a vegetative cover, soils have become highly erosive and contaminants have spread to adjoining wetlands areas. Applicataion of municipal biosolids in combination with wood ash, has shown to provide an excellent medium for plant growth that is also resistant to erosion. Large scale projects will test the feasibility of using newly developed application technology currently, under license at the U of WA, to apply amendments. The impact of amendments on natural watersand biota will also be evaluated.</p>

Smith, Allen
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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