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Investigation of the Efficacy, Practicality and Cost Effectiveness of Modified Atmosphere Packaging on Campylobacter Numbers on Raw Chicken Intended for Retail


<p>The project has four main parts:</p>

<li>assessment of the effects of gas mixes that are currently used commercially</li>
<li>identification of improved gas mixes that lead to a more rapid reduction in campylobacter and also measurement of the effects on the other factors</li>
<li>a full scale commercial trial of the improved mix including the chain from slaughterhouse to retail</li>
<li>measurements of the effects of overwrapping versus sealed packs on campylobacter counts, comparison of aerobic plate counts after 20°C or 30°C incubation, measurements of in-pack gas-meat ratios and variations in campylobacter counts around carcass surfaces (top vs bottom)</li>

<p>The optimum gas mix will be based on the effectiveness of the gas mixes for reducing the numbers of campylobacter, and the effects on aerobic plate counts, numbers of Pseudomonas, and the drip, colour, rancidity and odour. The gas mixes will include combinations of one or more of the gases O2, CO2, and N2.</p>

<p>The project consortium includes researchers, a gas supplier, a packaging machinery manufacturer, two poultry processors, and two retailers. This mix of skills will enable robust experimental work with practical application and immediate exploitation.</p>

More information

<p>Background: Poultry is a major source of campylobacter infection through undercooked meat and cross-contamination of other foods in the kitchen. This project seeks to assess whether practical interventions can be implemented to reduce the levels of campylobacter before meats reach the kitchen. </p>

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