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LABONFOIL - Laboratory Skin Patches and Smartcards Based on Foils and Compatible with a Smart-Phone


Conventional analytical methods often require a large sample volume and complicated time-consuming protocols. The objective of this project is to develop ultra low cost laboratories on chips (LOC) without penalisation in time response, sensitivity or simplicity of use. The user will obtain the test results using a very popular interface (a smartphone) and a set of Labcards and Skin Patches where the sample preparation and detection take place.
The project will validate the Labcard in three applications:
<OL> <LI> Climate prediction by sea CO2 absorption through algae detection <LI> Salmonella and Campylobacter typing in slaughter houses and farms <LI>Colorectal Cancer monitoring using blood; and the Band Patch in Cocaine consume in professional drivers through sweat.
The new devices will consist of a LOC embedded in a Smartcard or a Skin Patch. The LOC will integrate the Microsystems (valves, pumps, reservoirs, heaters, Organic LEDs and electronics) and Biotechnology (reagents, enzymatic reactions, immobilised layers). This combination will produce a testing system requiring no sample preparation from the user. The Labcard and Skin Patch will be fabricated using a reel-to-reel system decreasing the price to 1% of existing systems (by replacing wafer based substrates with large films based systems).

The project involves 15 partners from 8 countries. They are European leaders in their fields. They represent public (2 research centers and one medical institution) and private sector (6 SMEs and 6 technological centers).

The Labcard will provide new solutions for crisis management (e.g. food poisoning or global warming) and will require small samples to obtain the diagnostic. The Skin Patch will allow controlling the abuse of drugs or analogue substances, and studying time-evolution of several protein markers (e.g. cytokines or hormones). The smart mobile phone will be a Point of Care device and will offer a vast range of communication and interface capabilities.

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Funded under 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme)

Merveille, Chris
Ikerlan S. Coop
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