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The West Virginia Department of Agriculture-Regulatory and Environmental AffairsDivision (WVDA-READ) is comprised of four sections; Food and Agricultural Materials,Laboratories, Pesticide Regulatory and the Environmental Section. Our specific aim for this grant opportunity is to help support the efforts of the WVDA-READ in fulfilling its mission statement of protecting the health, property and environment of thecitizens of West Virginia, through legislative mandates, by providing uniform and equitableinspection, sampling, investigative services and analytical analysis to industries and the farmcommunities. The agency has in place nine State Codes from Chapter 19 and ten Legislative Rulesthat are currently being enforced related to food. The objectives of the WVDA-READ are tobecome compliant with the Manufactured Food Regulatory Program Standards by updating andexpanding current rules through the legislative process; continue and expand trainingopportunities with our State, Local and Federal Counter Partners to ensure consistent sampling,inspections, investigations and analysis of food products and enforcement actions underFederal and State laws. The WVDA-READ plans to upgrade and initiate new data base programs in order toassist in the compliance and enforcement of the WVDA-READ Codes and Rules. The WVDA-READ will identify gaps in recovery data base programs and set in place the necessaryequipment to ensure a firm's history record is accessible at any given time. The WVDA-READ currently participates in outreach educational functions. WVDA-READwill pursue additional opportunities for outreach throughout the state with our Marketing andDevelopment Division within the West Virginia Department of Agriculture. WVDA-READ willalso participate and educate the public on hand washing, training of employees, and otherpersonnel to meet the new FSMA rules during various fairs, festivals, community organizationsand our State and Local government agencies.

Linton, Chad
West Virginia Department of Agriculture
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