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Multi-Modal Dairy Food Safety Plan Education to Support Small and Medium Dairy Producers


1.Provide online, asynchronous, dairy-relevant food safety plan training videos and materials that teach participants the basics of Food Safety Plan development in alignment with the FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Foods material.2.Provide regular online, synchronous, dairy-relevant food safety office hours with food safety coaching experts from universities, industry, national dairy centers, and food safety centers from across the country to answer and discuss participant questions regarding food safety plan development, implementation, and review.3.Build and maintain the Dairy Wiki: An FAQ on food safety plan topics populated by questions and discussion during office hours with written answers, specific templates, and/or short videos to illustrate the answer to food safety questions.4.Link virtual dairy food safety community to in-person communities via food safety training sessions that are held in conjunction with to dairy product conferences regularly attended by small to midsized artisan dairy producers as well as sharing resources for national extension food safety educators at regional Food Safety Center meetings.5. Understand educational impact and engagement through regular short surveys to track changes in food safety attitudes and behavior, as well as knowledge checks to track improvements and retention.

Alcaine, S. D.
Cornell University
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