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Pathogen Spillover at the Wildlife-Livestock Interface


We propose to assemble the first spatiotemporal dataset of coronavirus shedding from bat populations with existing metadata on bat demography, immune status, nutrition status, physiological status and coinfection status.We will use novel statistical tools to investigate how periods of coronavirus shedding coincides with i) stressful environmental conditions, such as food shortages, ii) shedding pulses of other viruses, including Hendra or Nipah virus.We will use modeling approaches to summarize viral shedding intensity into a single metric (area under the epidemic curve) that can be incorporated into mechanistic and machine learning models designed to predict spillover.These objectives will allow us to identify potential drivers of coronavirus shedding and spillover from bats to inform surveillance of bat viruses with zoonotic potential and help to prevent future pandemics.

Plowright, Raina
Montana State University
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