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The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Mfrps Grant


MFRPS Summary:The state of Pennsylvania, Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Food Safety presently completes ManufacturedFoods Inspections for the FDA under contract as well as for the state of Pennsylvania. The state wishes tobecome compliant with the MFRPS standards by establishing a uniform basis for measuring and improving theperformance of its manufactured food regulatory program. Since achieving and sustaining conformance with theprogram standards requires comprehensive self-assessment on the part of our State program and continuousimprovement and innovation, we do not have the staff to undertake these goals. With the financial support of theMFRPS Grant, the state of Pennsylvania, Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Foods Safety would be able to hirestaff dedicated to accomplishing these goals and provide the equipment needed to complete their tasks.

Johnson, Lydia
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
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