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Pilot Study for Microbial Mapping II


<p>A pilot study was performed to investigate the sponging vs the excising method of tissue as a means of determining microbiological counts on beef carcasses and subprimal cuts with the results and methods developed being used for a much larger study. A total of 96 beef carcasses at the packing plant, 214 subprimal cuts at the packer and retail level and 64 retail cuts at the retail store were sampled and analyzed. All samples were analyzed for total plate count (TPC), total coliform count (TCC), Escherichia coli count (ECC) and for the presence of Salmonella and Listeria. Additionally, beef carcasses were analyzed for lactic acid bacteria (LAB).</p>

Zerby, Henry; Belk, Keith E; Sofos, John
Colorado State University
Start date
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