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Refinement and Validation of the AOAC Method (2005.06) to Improve the Determination of Toxins in Scallops


<p>This work comprised investigations to improve the method performance for the N-hydroxylated toxins. Once improved, work was conducted to validate the modified method for the determination of PSP toxins in whole king and queen scallops. Work conducted followed the protocol used for other species, involving the assessment of selectivity, linearity, sensitivity, recovery, precision, ruggedness and uncertainty of measurement. Testing was also conducted on contaminated king and queen scallops using both HPLC and MBA in order to compare the results obtained by both methods.</p>

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<p>Background: The HPLC official method AOAC 2005.06 has been previously refined and validated for the determination and quantitation of PSP toxins (PSTs) in a range of species. Work conducted for scallops showed the method behaved acceptably for the non-N-hydroxylated toxins but, with poor method performance for N-hydroxylated toxins, would not have been fit for purpose to implement for official testing without further refinement. </p>

Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences (CEFAS)
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