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rhAMR: A comprehensive and cost-effective method refined and applied to understand the impact of feed additives on antimicrobial resistance


We propose to develop, validate, apply, and disseminate a comprehensive and cost-effective amplicon-based NGS AMRg surveillance method that our team recently created and successfully completed preliminary proof-of-concept experiments. The method, rhAMR (pronounced "rhammer"), is estimated to cost <$100/sample and will provide information on several 1,000s of genes of interest. rhAMR is scalable because it leverages a novel amplification technology that allows for massively parallel gene amplification. Once further developed and validated in this proposed project, the rhAMR method will be made publicly available to advance AMR surveillance research.We are proposing to achieve this goal through the following objectives:Obj. 1: [REFINE] Refine a recently developed cost-effective AMR profiling method leveraging rhAMPseq technology (rhAMR)Obj. 2: [VALIDATE] Validate rhAMR in collaboration with an external laboratoryObj. 3: [APPLY] Apply rhAMR to compare the effect of different feeding strategies on antimicrobial resistanceObj. 4: [DISSEMINATE] Develop curricula and extension training on monitoring and mitigation of AMR in the food supply chain and offertechnology transfer activities to facilitate the adoption of rhAMR by others

Ganda, Erika
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