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Sheep Salmonella abattoir survey - OZ0348


The primary aim of this survey is to estimate the prevalence of caecal carriage of Salmonella spp. in sheep slaughtered for human consumption in England and Wales. Other secondary aims include a comparison of the prevalence of Salmonella in lambs compared to adult sheep and statistical analysis, (within the limitations of the data), of Salmonella risk factor data such as slaughterhouse throughput, management factors and seasonality. APHA will support these aims through the following objectives: Objective one – Survey design 1.1 Assist FSA and Defra in the recruitment of abattoirs for the survey, including input into approach used and communications produced. 1.2 Work with FSA on the production of sampling protocols, sampling forms and training material to FSA staff. 1.3 Construct a sampling frame of sheep and abattoirs in England and Wales based on information supplied by FSA and draw a random sample of sheep carcasses from this to survey for Salmonella. This will also include the selection of additional and/or replacement abattoirs as required. 1.4 Develop a database to manage the survey and hold the survey data. 1.5 Prepare sampling kits and send out to the abattoirs as required. Obj. one will also contribute to the delivery of the PATH-SAFE and FSA components of this project. Objective two – Investigate the prevalence of caecal carriage of Salmonella in sheep 2.1 Culture samples for Salmonella, undertake serotyping and whole genome sequencing (WGS) on caecal samples. 2.2 Analyse the data to estimate the prevalence of Salmonella in slaughtered sheep in England and Wales and produce a report on the findings.

APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency)
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