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Strengthening and Reinforcing Minnesota's Standardization Efforts Statewide


Project SummaryA summary of the proposed project ?Strengthening and Reinforcing Minnesota's StandardizationEfforts Statewide is listed below:The long-term objective is to increase the Minnesota Department of Health's capacity to providestandardization to MDH staff and MDH-Delegated Agencies. We propose to designate one full-time standardization coordinator, which will expand our capacity for standardization. Theexpected outcome is a trained workforce with the skills and knowledge to perform quality retailfood inspections. This effort supports FDA's mission to build an integrated national food safetysystem in partnership with state and local authorities. For jurisdictions enrolled in the FDAVoluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards, standardization provides ameans to achieve Standard 2.Aim 1: Develop a centralized reporting protocolWe will expand our existing MDH-specific reporting protocol to include an expectation thatDelegated Agencies report the numbers of inspection staff standardized to MDH.Standardization rosters will be tracked internally.Aim 2: Standardize 100% of eligible MDH food inspection staffThe standardization coordinator will provide initial and renewal standardization to sanitariansupervisors in each of the MDH district offices. The sanitarian supervisor may elect tostandardize their own staff, or they may request the assistance of the FDA SFSIOs.Aim 3: Achieve a 50% standardization rate for all food inspectors statewideStandardization is a voluntary activity for Delegated Agencies. Regardless, two-thirds of ourDelegated Agencies accept MDH's offer to standardize their lead personnel. Existing resourcesonly allow the FDA SFSIO to standardize one person per Delegated Agency. The designation ofa standardization coordinator will allow greater resources to be available from MDH tostandardize additional staff.

Diaz, Steven
Tennessee State Department of Health
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