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Using Village Shops to Promote Healthier Food Choices in Rural Norfolk


The project employs village shops as a vehicle to facilitate sustainable healthy eating behaviours in communities where rural food poverty is a recognised problem. This directly addresses FSA research requirements in terms of promoting healthier food choices (Ref: RRD8/N09/A). It supports current Government public health nutrition policy (particularly in deprived areas) to reduce diet related diseases. <P>
The research team combines social nutrition expertise with unique practical experience in rural food socio-economics. In addition, the project will be guided by senior Norfolk community health managers and a village retail consultant.<P>
Clear evidence will be provided to show how a cheap and practical consumer-driven intervention could encourage people to choose healthier foods in a socially excluded sector of society. The intervention is expected to be both sustainable and transferable across most UK rural communities.

Institute of Food Research, UK
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