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YOUNG-TRAIN - Training and Mentoring Early Career Scientists from Candidate, Associated and Mediterranean Countries in a Whole Food Chain Approach to Quality and Safety


There is a need to reconnect the food chain by improving the transparency and accountability of systems. This is particularly important in Central and Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. The project aims to increase knowledge and networking for initially 40 Early career animal scientists (ECS) through training and mentoring in a whole food chain approach to meat safety and quality

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Mentoring will be supported by a multidisciplinary steering group representing stakeholders in the chain. The ECS will be sel ected on personal attributes and the quality of RTD concept notes submitted. A selection will be developed into full proposals for future EU programmes. Training events will provide awareness of EU research and the challenges of the whole food chain approach. The ECS will lead the research development process to ensure that the issues are relevant to their countries. A symposium/round table discussion, led by the ECS, to involve the meat chain industry and stakeholders will give wider exposure and ensure relevance of the proposals. Training in presentational and eLearning techniques will assist in further dissemination (train the trainers). eLearning materials will be developed to form a key part of the dissemination process, supported by networks created in the target countries in co-operation with the EAAP contacts, FP6-Food NCPs and the parent research centres of the ECS. Four regional dissemination events targeted at over 300 stakeholders will be organised for interaction, dissemination of research, promotion of eLearning packages, training of other ECS and meat chain industries and feedback of RTD ideas relevant to target country needs. The proposal fits the aims of Theme 5-Food and to aiding co-operation with new, associate and candidate countries. It will provide a forum for the ECS to interact with their peers in mainstream European research, deliver RTD proposals and provide enhanced dissemination of research through innovative eLearning methods.
<P>For more information about this project, please visit the <a href="…; target="_blank">European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe</a> or the <a href="; target="_blank">YOUNG-TRAIN </a> Web sites.

Thomas, Cledwyn
European Association for Animal Production
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