Alley Cropping (Source: USDA Nat'l Agroforestry Center).Find information about all activities that combine agricultural and forestry practices including conservation practices such as alley cropping, windbreaks, riparian buffers, wildlife habitats or living snow fences and forest farming activities such as silvopasture and shaded crop production.

Bugwood Network.

Descriptions for a range of terms from agriculture, horticulture, forestry, ecology, soil science or another similar discipline organized alphabetically to assist those interesting in agroforestry.

National Center for Appropriate Technology. ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service.

Presents principles, common practices, marketing considerations, several case studies and an extensive list of further resources covering all aspects of agroforestry.

International Development Research Centre; Asian Network for Biological Sciences; Chinese Academy of Forestry.

Covers the taxonomy, distribution, growth characteristics, climatic requirements, breeding, propagation, culture, management, intercropping options, major diseases and insect pests and wood properties and utilization of Paulownia.