Business Planning

Introduction to Aquaculture  ( pdf | 43 KB )

Pennsylvania State University. Agricultural Research and Cooperative Extension.

Overview of the industry including statistics, market research, planning and permits, and facilities and equipment.

Southern Regional Aquaculture Center.

Access full-text publications on information about the realities and potential when getting started in aquaculture and small scale, on-farm fish processing.

Is Aquatic Farming for You?  ( pdf | 24 KB )

Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center.

Self-test and checklist to determine whether aquaculture is appropriate for you.

National Center for Appropriate Technology. ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service.

Explores important considerations that must be weighed when planning an aquaculture enterprise and provides a list of resources and contacts for additional information.

North Central Regional Aquaculture Center.

Helps in determining the organizational structure for aquaculture operations of varied sizes - from small part-time farms to very large operations - including sole proprietorship, partnerships (general and limited) and corporations (regular and subchapter-S).

University of Connecticut. Connecticut Sea Grant. Cooperative Extension Service.

Lists elements of an aquaculture business proposal for presentation to a financial institution.