Small hydropower intake system (Image source: Colorado Energy Office)Energy can be captured from the force of fast moving, falling or flowing water. Find information about hydropower technologies, ongoing research, policies and programs.

Foundation for Water and Energy Education.

Although primarily focused on the Northwestern U.S., the Foundation provides basic information about hydropower technologies with educational activities for students and the public, a glossary, news and more.


Links to publications and Websites on hydropower topics, including hydro siting and design, and legal and financial considerations.  

DOE. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

This overview of hydroelectric plants and turbines includes the history of hydropower, describes the benefits of its use, and defines related terms.  Presents a video on how hydropower works and highlights the Water Power Program's research and development on this topic.

DOI. Bureau of Reclamation.

Information on the history of hydropower development in the United States, the role of hydropower in the energy industry, major producers of hydropower, the electric utility industry, a glossary of hydropower terms, links to other sources of hydropower information and educational materials for students and teachers.

Klunne, Wim Jonker.

A comprehensive, international source of information about small water power systems including expert and equipment directories, basic and research literature, news, events and a discussion forum.

Small Hydroelectric Plants  ( pdf | 126KB )

West Virginia University. Cooperative Extension Service.

A short publication from 1978 detailing the design and construction of small hydropower systems for streams for home and farm use.

Oregon Office of Energy.

Provides information about using power from streams, finding turbines, selling power, regulations, financing projects, hydroenergy organizations and publications.

DOE. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

Covers topics including basic hydropower technologies and marine and hydrokinetic technologies, including research, financial opportunities, publications, current news and events.