Pest Management

Melanoplus grasshopper on a leaf
Do you have a pest problem? Find information about the combination of complementary methods to control pests that minimize or eliminate the use of toxic pesticides. Find resources related to:
Pest Management

National Center for Appropriate Technology. ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service.

Integrated Pest Management, by Taxonomic Group

Iowa State University. Department of Entomology.

Information sorted by pest taxonomic group (beetles, flies, etc.) and supplemented by a comprehensive list of places to find general integrated pest management information.

National Site for the USDA Regional IPM Centers Information System

USDA. National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Provides information about commodities, pests and pest management practices and pesticide use, an IPM expertise database, state and commodity crop profiles, crop timelines and pest management strategic plans.

Pest Management

USDA. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education.

A selection of books and bulletins available for purchase and online access on the topics of successful pest management systems for farmers and ranchers.

Integrated Pest Management at Iowa State University

Iowa State University. Department of Entomology.

A compilation of current and archived pest and insect newsletters, information about integrated pest management in schools, a plant disease clinic, information about pest management and environment, growing degree days, the corn rootworm, the European corn borer and weed management.

Integrated Pest Management Florida

University of Florida.

Provides success stories, projects reports, extension resources, training opportunities, funding and employment information, an events listing, a listserv and related links for agricultural, natural, home and community areas.

Vegetable Integrated Pest Management Resource for the Midwest

University of Minnesota. Cooperative Extension Service.

Provides vegetable pest fact sheets, research reports and newsletters by crop and by pest.

Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program

University of California.

Management, education and research information on diseases, insects, mites, arthropods, nematodes, weeds and other pests.